We are very grateful to those who support us on this difficult path. We created this page to thank people who are so dear to us.




First of all we want to thank our PARENTS. If not for you we would not have been able to play music as much as we want. All that we have - first of all thanks to you!

Paul Mc–°artneyyou fill our hearts with happiness. You teach and inspire. There are no words to express our gratitude to you..

Alexey Fedirko - a great sound engineer, a good friend and our consultant for all kinds of issues. Thank you for everything!

Dora Hohlovkina - thanks to you we have a wonderful basement with all comforts. We don't need anything else, it's invaluable support. Thank you!

Stas Mukharev and Sasha Stushnyaya - great designers, authors of our logo, website design and posters. In terms of style, there are no people to whom we would trust more. Thank you!

Jane Stushnyaya - a talented photographer and author of all our photos. You never miss our shows, working tirelessly. Thank you.

Thank to our beautiful girls! You always inspire and support us, without you everything would be dark and sad!

Oleg Moguchev, Alexander Nikolaev, Sergey Popov - talented musicians who have always helped us, especially in the first steps. You always devote us a lot of time, thanks for the invaluable advices and assistance.

Alexey Kotlyarov - a great singer and vocal expert with an amazing ability to transmit his skills and experience. Thank you for your talent!

Vladimir Bezuglof - Thank you for your responsiveness and excellent acting talent,  you showed on the cover of our first album.

Maksim Kabalskis - a great drummer and a very witty man! Thank you for the excellent record of Lilac Twigs!

And we also want to thank the people who surround us every day, support us, who are interested in our creativity and always help us in different situations. Their names: Masha Kozelski, Igor Lebedyuk, Yana Dyagtereva, Mary Tonoyan, Sergey Chirvin, Irina Popova and many others..

We love you, and we are grateful for your love!


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